23 reviews for Filter Coffee Powder, 500g

  1. Sriram (verified owner)

    Coffee taste is good.

  2. K.N.R.Gupta

    It’s one of the best filter coffee powder … flavour and fragrance are Sooper… it’s an organic product which is like a “jewel in the throne “

  3. Sangeetha Nair

    We can feel the difference in the taste and aroma of this pure filter coffee. Great product.

  4. Surekha Kamal

    No more words after tasting, coffee beans with roasted felt pure organic filter coffee taste.. not only these all the products are superb…

  5. sivakami pallavur subramanian (verified owner)

    Best coffee i have ever had. We were using other 80:20 blends, but after this not liking any other coffee

  6. nr.nagaraj330

    Taste is very good

  7. P.S.Jayashree (verified owner)

    First tried the product,now it is the “mandatory item” in our grocery list.The product quality, aroma,fineness and taste bud gratification is phenomenal.Thanks team Pristine.

  8. Raunak Kumar

    Great coffee. Nice aroma

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you. You should definitely try our coffee with OvenOrg millet biscuits. It’s a delicious combo.

  9. Kothandaraman R

    Initially I was hesitant to buy. But this was only filter coffee available in the Departmental store due to Covid 19 lock down. But after tasting it I feel it’s a must item in our house. I recommended it to my friends. Not knowing it is available online, I requested my store to stock it. Nice product at a nice price. Keep it up.

    • Pristine Organics

      Glad that you liked our filter coffee. You should definitely try it with our OvenOrg biscuits. It’s a delicious combo.

  10. digyvijaykumar123 (verified owner)

    best coffee , i have tried too many brands and finally settled on this

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for the feedback. Your support matters a lot.

  11. Naveen HV (verified owner)

    Drinking Pristine coffee is a bliss !!
    Pristine coffee is one of the finest filter coffee available in the market,
    Before this we have experimented lot of brands but now it has become the one & only choice for filter coffee.
    We become so eager to have it often.

    • Pristine Organics

      Glad that you are enjoying our coffee. Our OvenOrg millet biscuits are a great combo with the coffee. Try them with the cuppa. You’ll love it.

  12. vivek mathivanan (verified owner)

    Great aroma and taste! Loved the product

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you.

  13. Communications Brahma (verified owner)

    Superb product. Superlative service. Kudos to the team. Can u make the product more powder rather than granular?

    • Pristine Organics

      Glad that you liked our product and service. Thank you.

  14. Praveen K Thupakula (verified owner)

    Simply superb. Tastes good and quality is very good.

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for your support.

  15. Ganesan S (verified owner)

    A perfect coffee powder with rich aroma and taste. I recommend this coffee for those who love filter coffee. Thanks for delivering even during this pandemic….

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for taking time out to review it. Check out our biscuits the next time you shop from us. They go well with the coffee 🙂

  16. Hubert Cr (verified owner)

    Really nice coffee for the price

    • Pristine Organics

      Thanks! It’s from our own estates 🙂 glad you like it.

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you.

  17. mohan devegowda (verified owner)

    So far good, have been using since the availability!

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you.

  18. Shrikrishna Karthik.B

    Good taste in fair price. Thumbs up 👍

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for the feedback.

  19. sarangelalphonsa (verified owner)

    One of the best filter coffee that I have ever tasted No words to express its taste & aroma. Really I love it.

    • Pristine Organics

      Glad you liked it. Try our coffee with OvenOrg millet biscuits next time. You’ll love it.

  20. AMARSINGH FEROZ (verified owner)

    Excellent taste

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you so much!

  21. RAVI R (verified owner)

    Good coffee

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you.

  22. manjulamj (verified owner)

    Taste & aroma is too good.. full Thumps up. overall coffee is awesome..

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for letting us know. Keep on purchasing.

  23. Shrikrishna Karthik.B (verified owner)

    Good taste

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you.

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