7 reviews for Filter Coffee Powder, 500g

  1. Sriram (verified owner)

    Coffee taste is good.

  2. K.N.R.Gupta

    It’s one of the best filter coffee powder … flavour and fragrance are Sooper… it’s an organic product which is like a “jewel in the throne “

  3. Sangeetha Nair

    We can feel the difference in the taste and aroma of this pure filter coffee. Great product.

  4. Surekha Kamal

    No more words after tasting, coffee beans with roasted felt pure organic filter coffee taste.. not only these all the products are superb…

  5. sivakami pallavur subramanian (verified owner)

    Best coffee i have ever had. We were using other 80:20 blends, but after this not liking any other coffee

  6. nr.nagaraj330

    Taste is very good

  7. P.S.Jayashree (verified owner)

    First tried the product,now it is the “mandatory item” in our grocery list.The product quality, aroma,fineness and taste bud gratification is phenomenal.Thanks team Pristine.

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