Nutrient Per 100g
Energy 294 Kcal
Protein 22.53 g
carbohydrates 46.13 g
Fat 1.14 g
Dietary fiber 17.04 g

3 reviews for Organic Moong Whole (Green Gram), 500 g

  1. Ashok Karadi (verified owner)

    Moong whole is of very good quality… nice taste…
    RAGHU JI as usual at his best.
    be It’sle request with all consumers….. Please buy the products from this site only; no second thought for that matter!!! No other Certified organic brand is as cheap as this and this is the best in the market. Zipper pack is a additional bonus you get!!!
    Moreover as demand increases they will reduce the price as well; many products for example black rice which was 220rs earlier now it’s reduced 190rs!!!

  2. banisingh797 (verified owner)

    Best ever product from pristine

  3. Anna Wu (verified owner)

    Quality good, sprouts well. Taste fresh. Size is medium to small. But quality still ok.

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