Nutritional Information 100 g
Energy 900 g
Total Fat 100 g
saturated fatty acids 18.9 g
Mono unsaturatedfatty acid 53.8 g
Poly unsaturated fatty acid 27.2 g

2 reviews for Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil, 500 ml

  1. Ashok Karadi (verified owner)

    Upgraded to organic, excellent!!!

  2. Ashok Karadi (verified owner)

    Just Trust Pristine Organics!!! Don’t get confused!!!

    When you look at the Cost of Pristine Organics groundnut 1kg… it’s cost is around 170Rs. I searched in the net; for making 1L groundnut oil you require at least 2.5kg to 3kg of Groundnuts…
    So, for making 500mL oil you require at least 1.25kgs of Groundnuts which costs about approx. RS. 200/- as per pristine organics price. You may get confused that how come pristine organics will sell 500mL at about RS. 120/- but whatever the waste is generated after removing oil… It’s is also sold at a reasonably good price per kg waste. Moreover as the demand increases and the company runs in profits…. Company also try to reduce it’s cost and provide best price to it’s consumer….. Just trust pristine organics…. !!!🙂

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