Nutrient Per 100g
Energy 330.0 Kcal
Protein 11.1 g
carbohydrates 62.6 g
Fat 4 g
Dietary fiber 13.7 g


Organic Foxtail Millet, Organic Little Millet, Organic Kodo Millet, Organic Proso Millet, Organic Barnyard Millet, Organic Finger Millet, Orgnaic Amaranthus

Procedure to cook porridge:

Wash Millet Organica with water thoroughly.

    • Wash Millet Organica with water thoroughly.
    • Add 3 cups of water to 1 cup of Millet Organica in a pressure cooker.
    • Pressure-cook the contents for 4-5 whistles.
    • Add milk/water to the mixture as per your taste preference.
    • Season the Millet Organica Porridge with a pinch of salt.

         (You could also add fruits of your choice!)

Shelf life:

Best before 6 months from the date of packaging


500 gm, 1Kg

3 reviews for Organic Multi Millet Mix,

  1. Ritvik P

    I used these Mixed Millets to make biryani – It turned out very well.

  2. Anusha L

    These millets are of great quality. I’ve tried other brands, but this really is premium quality.

  3. rashmi

    A porridge made with organic mixed millet has been my favorite healthy breakfast option. You guys must try this product, especially weight watchers.

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