Nutrient Per 100g
Energy 345 (kcal)
Protein 7.94 g
Fat 1.987 g
CHO 78.99 g
Dietary fiber 10.18 g

Directions for using rajamudi rice:

Wash and soak rice in clean water for one hour. Add water twice the quantity of rice. Cook on low to medium flame up to 8 whistles.

Date of packing:

Best before 6 months from the date of packaging

9 reviews for Rajamudi Rice, 1 Kg

  1. sirisha.muddineni

    Nice product.


    Easy to cook…Tasty too.

  3. Anoop purushotham (verified owner)

    Very nice ..

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for the feedback.

  4. shashiprabha.rao (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Had purchased it for the first time almost 10yrs back and still come back for more.

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you for the feed back.

    • Pristine Organics

      Glad that you like our products. Your support and feedback are important to us.

  5. contactmsa (verified owner)

    Good product and tasty too….

    • Pristine Organics

      Thank you very much.

  6. Susitha Reddy (verified owner)

    Very nice .. health and taste together

  7. Madhusudan Rao Swamy (verified owner)

    I am eating this rice since one year and happy to notice that my blood sugar is in range bound only. Thank you Pristine.

    Madhusudan Rao Swamy

  8. Pradip Das (verified owner)

    I am indebted to Pristine Organics for this novel red rice variety. I do intend to continue using this item regularly in future.

    • Pristine Organics (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback. It means a lot.

  9. Pradip Das (verified owner)

    The red rice variety provided to me by Pristine Organics is excellent. Using this almost regularly may become a practice in future.

    • Pristine Organics (verified owner)

      Glad that you liked our red rice. Do come back and try our other rice varieties.

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